Company Overview

Cutting Edge Software and Unbiased

MCG Health, part of the Hearst Health network, provides unbiased clinical guidance that gives healthcare organizations confidence in their patient-centered care decisions. Our artificial intelligence and technology solutions, infused with objective clinical expertise, enable our clients to prioritize and simplify their work. MCG’s world-class customer service ensures that our clients maximize the benefits of licensing MCG solutions – demonstrating improved financial and clinical outcomes.

How do we do it? We combine clinical guidelines, created from an unbiased review of the most current literature and data, with innovative software solutions and robust analytics. Through this combination of clinical guidance and technology, our solutions help drive the most effective care.


Our mission: The MCG family provides patient-focused guidance to the healthcare community through content, technology, and customer service.

Our vision: An effective healthcare system informed by evidence and powered by collaboration.

Careers at MCG Health

MCG Offices
MCG Health has four offices across the U.S. but nearly half of our staff work remotely.

Seattle: Our largest presence and company headquarters
San Diego: Our second location (we’re neighbors with our strategic partner, Milliman)
Austin: Our Workers Comp & Disability office (ODG by MCG)
Denver: Opened in 2019, this is our most recent site (located in the Catalyst HTI building)


There are behaviors which are critical to the preservation of this culture and help it flourish:
  • We are growing, and we support each other’s growth in skills, action, knowledge and service. Our culture supports an environment where we continuously learn and strive to be better.
  • We ask for help. This is how collaboration starts.
  • We value diverse people and ideas to identify the best solutions
  • We are approachable. We may ask anyone in the organization about any company topic.
  • We are transparent. We share information to help further the goals of the company.
  • We assume positive intent of co-workers and customers.
  • We eliminate barriers to promote equity for co-workers and customers.
  • We are respectful of co-workers and customers. Our disagreements are about the approach, not the person. We seek diverse backgrounds and ideas, because this can help us get to a better answer.
  • We are humble. It is not about us, it is about our vision. Being humble does not mean being deferent.
  • We are intellectually honest, and we speak up when we disagree. Getting to the correct answer is more important than whose view prevails.
  • We operate with integrity. We do the right thing for coworkers, customers, patients, and the company.
  • We create an inclusive, safe environment through our words and actions.
  • We celebrate the culture, with enthusiasm by acknowledging the myriad of efforts and behaviors that make success possible.
  • And, a sense of humor supports strong working relationships.
Company Summary
MCG Health
Number of Employees
(206) 335-8293
701 5th Avenue
Seattle, WA