Company Overview

What We Are All About

We operate with a singular focus of empowering healthcare professionals to better serve their patients. Our unique products and services help clinicians see the hidden realities of the human body, giving them insights they need to optimize patient care. For us, it starts with people: our team, our customers, and the patients they serve. Our innovation is based on finding new ways to offer simplicity where complexity exists. We also look for opportunities to increase the velocity of patient care, ultimately providing solutions that improve and extend patients’ lives.

We are a medical technology company, but we know that people are at the center of everything we do. Our specialized medical solutions are inspired by the needs of the people they benefit most – the patients receiving care and the clinicians tasked with providing it.

Healthcare is a fast-paced and often chaotic environment. Our goal is to be easy to do business with, while keeping our products focused. This allows our customers to operate with clinical simplicity and emphasis on what they care about most – taking care of their patients.

Our goal is to innovate and improve the velocity of care through our strong customer relationships. We prioritize speed, direction, and discipline to deliver clarity; helping clinicians ensure that patient health is not compromised by the threat of delay or stagnation.

Our Mission

We are Verathon. We are proud to deliver innovative and specialized medical solutions that empower healthcare providers to improve and extend patients’ lives.

Our V7Values

Our Verathon 7 core values are what truly differentiate us and the foundation of our unique culture. They guide us in everything we do – each and every day. By living the values, our amazing team members are empowered to be all they can be, both professionally and personally. We are proud of the values and the people who together make up our culture. It is what makes Verathon such a special place to work.

  • Our Customers are at the Center of Everything We Do

    • We are passionate about delivering products and services that excite and empower our customers
    • We deliver an exceptional customer experience
    • We create loyal customers by building lasting relationships based on trust
  • Winning Together

    • Every Verathon team member is important; each has the opportunity and the obligation to make a difference
    • We build relationships based on trust
    • Together we deliver results that cannot be achieved alone
    • We hold ourselves and each other accountable while supporting, encouraging and rooting for each other
    • Diversity, equity and inclusion are valued and sought after
  • Continuous Improvement Creates Competitive Advantage

    • We are always focused on getting better. Growth requires driving change
    • Improvement starts with the customer
    • We employ Lean tools to drive improvement
    • Rapidly trying new ideas through experimentation is embraced. Failures are opportunities to learn
    • We are focused on making one year’s worth of progress
  • Be Better and Be Different

    • Customer intimacy drives our innovation, which fuels our growth
    • Our products and services deliver a unique contribution
    • Our distinct view of the market drives the strength of our differentiation
    • We do not settle for status quo
  • Do the Right Thing; Do Things Right

    • We act with uncompromising integrity
    • We are committed to excellence, quality and regulatory compliance
    • We maintain a healthy, safe and socially responsible environment
  • We Are Genuine

    • We are humble, self-aware and authentic
    • We are transparent, direct and respectful in our communication with each other
    • We proactively surface issues and resolve them
    • We never take success for granted. It has to be earned every day
  • Enjoy the Journey

    • We keep work fun
    • We work hard and are passionate about what we do
    • We make time to celebrate and connect
    • We strive for and respect balance in our personal and professional lives
    • We individually own and embrace learning, development and professional growth


There’s Never Been a Better Time to Join Our Team!
Our culture is built to encourage and empower talented people (like you) to find purpose and belonging while doing the most impactful work of their career.

The Benefits of Working with Us
When you join our team, you join a global family who is committed to taking care of each other. We offer benefits packages to protect and improve the lives of our employees and their families, enhance well-being, boost morale, encourage growth and prepare for the future.

Company Summary
Verathon Inc.
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